Daddy Issues!

Daddy Issues!

Based in Buford, GA, Daddy Issues is a show band with a focus on all-ages fun and rock and roll to make your feet wanna dance.

The band members are:
Somerset Kenny – Drums, Guitars, Percussion, Vocals;
Screamin’ John Brown – Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals;
Sean “Wee Bear” Taylor – Bass, Guitars, Keyboard, Vocals;
Hannah Day – Lead and Backing Vocals, Auxiliary Percussion

No one knows what the future holds for this fabulous group of rock and rollers. Global domination? Cosmic conquest? A festering death in the belly of the Sarlacc? Super-powered comic book adventures? Their own collector’s card game? More fiber in their diet? Who knows?

But for good or ill, Daddy Issues has arrived, and is taking its mission to bring the fun of rock and roll to all the boys and girls very seriously.

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